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Designated Spectating Locations

Printed Spectator guide

Will Include:
- Rally Schedule
- Maps
- Articles
- Driver Biographies

Printed spectator guides will be available at various locations around Salem a few days before the rally. Or visit the Rally America information booth at the Parc Expose' on Friday and Saturday to pick up your free copy.


Spectating is free!

Remember, spectating the Rally in the 100 Acre wood at all designated areas is free to everyone. Tickets are not needed. Parking is free.

Printed Spectator map

A large printed spectator map will be available in the Salem Newspaper and the Steelville Star. 

Download the large spectator map ahead of time.

Spectator Guide:

Download the full Rally America Spectator Guide for maps, directions, and schedule

Spectator Locations:

Download the maps & directions for the 6 spectator locations at the rally

Spectator Regulations:

NOTE: Spectators will only be allowed in the designated spectator points. Any spectator found to be in an unauthorized location or unsafe area will be asked to move. Anyone that does not follow the instructions of a rally official will cause the event to be halted and the stage canceled.